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How do we work?

Unlike other car and car parts sale brands, our services are highly personalized. In other words, we provide solutions customized to fit the needs of our clients.

We require our customers to fill a form below or send us a message via Whatsapp, telling us specifics about what kinds of parts they need and the chassis (VIN) number of their car. This number is typically seventeen (17) digits. You get an even more personalized service, if you have available the part number.

Where to find my VIN Number?
There are 4 common locations

Personalized Touch

Our customer service is personable and brings a personalized touch to your purchases. Even when you make your orders, a customer representative is always available to answer all questions you might otherwise have concerning a product.

This personalized touch makes buying from us a tad more attractive and heart-warming than doing so on general e-commerce stores like Ebay or Amazon that deals with general merchandise.

High Availability

We have a stockpile of products readily available to our customers. Regardless of what car parts you are looking for, Automacchina is here to serve you with as many as you need. From wherever location you are, all you need do is place your order and we will have your car part(s) delivered to your doorstep.
Compatibility is one big issue when it comes to changing faulty parts in a car. Sometimes people have a hard time finding a car part that matches that of the original. That is not the case with our line of products.

We have products compatible with the most used car brands. Our products are designed to fit snugly into our client’s car. It is the perfect replacement for your car parts.

Global Shipping

Where the particular product ordered is not available in our showroom, we handle the entire process of making the car part order, paying for it and handling the export documents. We also handle the entire shipping processes until it gets to the client’s destination of choice. We have an efficient logistics team that can handle the shipping and transport of your car parts to any location across the globe you are located.

Cheaper Rates

Making purchases via our channels is always a cheaper option for most of our clients in many other countries. Most time, getting car parts at regular retail stores can incur extra cost since some of the parts might have been imported. At Automacchina, we make car parts available at very subsidized rates due to the special deals we have with top car part manufacturers in Italy and Germany.

Express Shipping

Because of the portability of most car products, clients might not want to wait for regular shipping duration to get their hands on their orders.
This is why we have a special feature that handles express shipping for impatient clients that desire immediate shipping of their car parts.

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It’s important to let us know the part you need and the chassis number of the car to give you a custom service