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We are in business with the big guns in the automobile trade. Hence, we have a wide array of car collections to satisfy our customers’ preferences.

Putting things in perspective, we have an enviable relationship with Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Porsche, as well as iconic Italian brands. Therefore, toughness, best design and premium quality is guaranteed.

The following are some of our special services

Sports/Luxury Vehicles

We deal in special sports and luxury automobiles like Mercedes AMG, BMW Motorsport, Audi RS, Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini.

Personalized/Custom Orders

Our clients have the opportunity of making personalized or custom orders for their choice vehicles. We carry on from here, liaising with our car brand partners to produce this custom order.

The car is then shipped directly to the clients’ location. You can request for all manner of tweaks here and there in your custom orders. We handle all kinds of special orders as well.


We handle the entire process from making the car order, payments and handling the export documents. We also manage the shipping of the order to the client. We have the resources to facilitate shipping to the remotest parts of the world.

Our past jobs reflect our understanding of the in-and-outs of the automobile business

Testimonials from our client base attests to our grit as a company. These testimonials are a huge selling point for us, helping us pull a larger client repertoire.

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It’s important to let us know the part you need and the chassis number of the car to give you a custom service