March 12, 2021

BMW and Munich: The Connection

BMW and Munich: The Connection

BMW and Munich: a connection that is impossible to deny. The city and automobile manufacturer virtually work hand in hand, each benefiting the other and fostering a relationship of mutual respect. On the one hand, the BMW Group is probably the most influential and largest employer in the region; on the other, Munich offers the company an outstanding infrastructure and welcoming environment.

But what is it that makes BMW special? And what can you do in Munich if you’re a fan of the city’s famous cars? Continue reading to find out.

BMW as Munich’s Largest Employer

BMW AG is a globally-operating manufacturer of cars and motorcycles headquartered in Munich. The flagship of the German company is the BMW car brand.

The group has made a name for itself on a worldwide scale—especially since the 1960s—as a manufacturer of high-priced, comfortably-equipped and well-powered touring cars with sporty aspirations.

With about 104.2 billion Euros in sales and about 134,000 employees in 2019, BMW is also one of the largest companies in Germany. It ranked among the world’s 15 largest car manufacturers, with an annual production of 2.54 million vehicles in 2019.

The company’s gargantuan size is no accident. After all, the BMW Group has been voted Germany’s most attractive employer for 20 years in a row. With such a high level of popularity, it’s no wonder that the BMW Group enjoys such a high status in Germany and especially Munich.

According to Milagros Caiña Carreiro-Andree, BMW AG’s Chief Human Resources Officer, attractiveness will continue to play an important role in the company’s future. This is because the company is not only competing with other car manufacturers, but also with classic tech and IT companies thanks to digitalization and modern technologies such as autonomous driving.

BMW’s Products

BMW focuses primarily on vehicles of the premium variety. However, in addition to the BMW brand, the manufacturer is also responsible for the Mini and Rolls-Royce brands. Thus, the company offers a wide range of products, ranging from small cars to luxurious sedans.

In the fast-evolving environment of car production, BMW has also had the courage to break new ground with its BMW i series. With this sub-brand, the company has been offering sustainable mobility solutions since 2013. Above all, these include sustainable electric cars, which result in less of an impact on the environment.

Thus far, the project has seen complete success. The BMW Group is a leader among premium manufacturers in reducing the CO2 emissions of its vehicles. In 2008, the company was the only European automaker to meet the requirements of the ACEA voluntary commitment to reduce CO2 emissions.

BMW Tower, BMW Welt and BMW Museum

If you’re into BMW and find yourself in Munich, then you should definitely pay a visit to the BMW Tower. This impressive skyscraper is not only the main administration building of the Bavarian car manufacturer, but also the company’s most iconic symbol.

This 101-meter-high building stands on Petuelring, in close proximity to Munich’s Olympiapark. It is also one of the most worth-seeing examples of modern architecture in Munich. The BMW Tower consists of four vertical cylinders arranged side by side in a cross shape, with each cylinder divided again horizontally by pulling back the facade above the center.

Right next to the building are the BMW Museum and the BMW Welt. The BMW Welt is particularly interesting, as this is the most-visited tourist attraction in the state of Bavaria. In fact, with over three million visitors per year, it has twice as many visitors as Neuschwanstein Castle.

Final Words

BMW is a popular brand among fans of modern and high-quality cars. The company has a close symbiosis with its corporate location, the Bavarian capital of Munich.

The company is not only one of the most attractive employers in Germany, but also one of the leading companies when it comes to sustainable mobility. At the BMW Welt, you can also learn some very interesting anecdotes from the history of the car manufacturer.

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