About AutoMacchina

In the car business since 2004

Our Story

AutoMacchina offers premier car parts for German cars. Since 2004 we have provided unbeatable service to clients all around the world (65+ countries). Our focus is on ensuring you get a high-quality part that fits when you need it. 

As we have developed close relationships over the years, we can offer the best car part pricing around. You won’t find better rates anywhere else. Get the treatment and the part you deserve here at AutoMacchina.

At the moment, we have scores of clients from over 65 countries across the globe.

South America

Central and North America



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Personalized Touch

AutoMacchina makes parts buying easy from the moment you enter our site too long after your purchase. We pride ourselves on unbeatable customer service to ensure you get the quality, care, and support you deserve. If you have any questions or concerns, our customer representative is always ready to provide a fast and helpful response.

By going the extra mile, we can help you get exactly what you need when you need it. Unlike traditional e-commerce, eBay, or Amazon stores, our focus is on your satisfaction – not just pumping out sales. AutoMacchina places your priorities first.

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About the brand

The name “Automacchina” is a mash-up of the words “Auto” and “Macchina” which stand for car in both German and Italian respectively. Essentially, our brand represents German quality with an Italian passion.

Our core values

There are a couple of qualities that form our core values here at Automacchina.
These core values have become the foundation on which the company has continued to thrive on for about 16 years since its inception.


Our identity as a premium automobile retail company has received a strong vote of confidence from all and sundry who’ve had cause to do business with us.


The drive to preserve the integrity of the brand, pushes us to go the extra mile in delivering maximum results.


Reliability is one of our mantras. At Automacchina, you get your exact orders and in record time. Many of our clients can attest to this.


Automacchina is not only in the business of selling cars and car parts. We have a team of dedicated professionals and automobile experts that are readily available to offer advice.

Why to choose us?

Quality and Durability

Shopping with us is getting yourself car or car parts of premium quality. Our car parts are long-lasting and highly resistant to wear and tear. Our products follow European standards and regulations, the strictest in the world.

Wide Variety of Options

Another thing that makes our products stand out from the pack is variety. We have access to car parts of every specification (doesn’t matter if it’s a right-hand or left-hand drive) and we have more than 1 million parts on prompt delivery.

Great Expert Team

As earlier highlighted, our company is not only interested in recording scores of sales, but also hugely vested in seeing that our clients get the most of their products.

Certified Products

Our products have all received the ultimate quality rating, having passed through all relevant standard certification processes. We are in strict compliance with the standards set by the European regulatory bodies so as to meet the safety needs and quality assurance of our customer base.

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