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The right car for the right style

We are in business with the big guns in the automobile trade. Hence, we have a wide array of car collections to satisfy our customers’ preferences.
Putting things in perspective, we have an enviable relationship with Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Porsche, as well as iconic Italian brands. Therefore, toughness, best design and premium quality is guaranteed.

The Perfect Match

Are you tired of searching and searching to find a part that will fit your car?

We understand lack of compatibility is one of the biggest frustrations when searching for car parts. We make sure to carry a wide range of stock to ensure we have parts that can fit almost any make and model.

Our trained team has access to official brand catalogs ensuring our parts are the correct size to properly fit in your vehicle. Click the button below to find the part you’ve been searching for with complete peace of mind.

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How Do We Work

We work closely with you to ensure you get exactly what you need. Our service is personalized and custom to fit your needs. You simply fill out a form below or send us a message via WhatsApp and we will work together to come up with a viable solution.

We will need to know the car parts you need and the VIN Number. Our team will then work to get you your part as fast as possible.

About Us

AutoMacchina offers premier car parts for German cars. Since 2004 we have provided unbeatable service to clients all around the world (65+ countries). Our focus is on ensuring you get a high-quality part that fits when you need it. 

As we have developed close relationships over the years, we can offer the best car part pricing around. You won’t find better rates anywhere else. Get the treatment and the part you deserve here at AutoMacchina.

We work with the best brands

We provide the best parts for your car

At Automacchina, we have a rich gallery of quality car parts, all high-end original Italian and German parts.
We have recorded the sale and shipping of over a million car parts across the globe since our inception in 2004. We export parts directly from our trusted partners in the automobile business to your address.


About us

Automacchina, one of the leading automobile service companies delivers high-end cars services. We specialize in the sale of German/Italian car brands and their respective car parts, for personal and commercial purposes.
We have over the years established ourselves as a customer-centric brand. Unlike most brands, we take cognizance of the peculiar needs of our customers. Then, specially pick out only top-of-the-range car brands and parts that are not only of the highest standards but meet these unique needs.
This attention to detail not only sets us apart from the competition but helps to establish a score card of class and prestige.

Our Values





Our past jobs reflect our understanding of the in-and-outs of the automobile business

Testimonials from our client base attests to our grit as a company. These testimonials are a huge selling point for us, helping us pull a larger client repertoire.

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